Production Terms and Conditions

Production Terms and Conditions


Script: Any scripts or interview questions included in the quote shall be crafted by Evolve Film Productions Pty Ltd and signed off by the client prior to the beginning of the production phase.

Talent: The talent requirements for the production will be sourced by Evolve Film Production Pty Ltd (unless otherwise arranged by the client) and any talent fees, terms and conditions will be negotiated in good faith on a case-by-case basis. All talent fees are to be paid by the client.

Safety: Evolve Film Productions is responsible for the health and safety of its own employees, partners and volunteers. Evolve Film Productions will manage and ensure the safe operation of all camera, lighting and film production equipment and provide the required Public Liability insurance for all production work.

Travel Arrangements:

Bookings: Evolve Film Productions will make all transportation and accommodation bookings for work assigned by the client, with budgetary approval by the client.

Costs: All transportation costs including but not limited to: flights, excess baggage, accommodation, vehicle hire, per diems and catering costs will be reimbursed to Evolve Film Productions Pty Ltd by the client in addition to the quoted budget for production. Travel rates, per diems amounts and budget caps will be negotiated in good faith on a per-production basis. Travel fees apply to any jobs outside of a 100km radius from Robina QLD (4226) or that require specialty vehicles to access shooting locations.


All production requirements will be detailed in the provided production quote. Any additions or alterations will be signed off by the client.


An initial period of 15 business days will be allowed for the completion of the rough cut for the first video and 10 business days for each subsequent video. Upon receipt of the rough cut the client will receive a single revision of the video, to make any changes they see fit. Any additional re-edits will be at an additional hourly rate.

A further 10 business days will be allowed for the completion of the final edits.

The final videos will also be optimised for online streaming and delivered via digital delivery.


All videos will be delivered via digital download using Google drive.


All raw footage will be archived on the Evolve Film Productions system for a period of 6 months following the delivery date of the final production, at which point all raw footage will be deleted.

Should the client require us to store raw media for a period exceeding 6 months, additional charges will apply and be payable by the client.

Should additional physical or cloud storage be required as part of a production, additional charges will also apply and be payable by the client.

Payment Schedule

The following payment schedule is required for all productions. All payments must clear the account before the next production stage will commence.

• 25% of the total budget is to be paid upfront, prior to the commencement of preproduction.
• 25% of the total budget is to be paid upon the first day of production.
• 25% of the total budget is to be paid upon the viewing of the first rough cut.
• 25% of the total budget is to be paid prior to delivery of the final product.

Please note: All production budgets are subject to change according to the specific requirements of each production. Any required alterations to any budget will first be agreed upon, in writing, between the client and Evolve Film Productions.


I agree that the quotes, terms and conditions laid out in the quote provided are accurate and reflect the initial brief, given by me, to Evolve Film Productions.

I understand the terms of payment and agree to comply with the terms of payment detailed in these terms and conditions. I understand that failing to meet my scheduled payments will result in the production shutting down until such time as my commitments have been met. I agree to compensate Evolve Film Productions for any additional costs that are incurred as a direct result of such a halt in production.

I agree that I will be allowed a single review of each final edit, to make what alterations I see fit and that any additional editing changes thereafter will incur an additional hourly fee.

I understand that all still image, video and audio materials recorded by Evolve Film Productions (or it’s employees, contractors, volunteers or associates) under this agreement remains the copyrighted property of Evolve Film Productions and therefore may not be altered or used by any third parties unless authorised in writing by Evolve Film Productions.

I hereby release and grant Evolve Film Productions Pty Ltd and its partners, subsidiaries, employees and assigns full right and authority to use any and all audio-visual materials, including the final product, in-part or in-full, for advertising, marketing and public relations purposes, as well as full commercial rights for use in educational products as they see fit.

I accept these terms and conditions and warrant that I have full right and authority to enter into this agreement, and that the consent of no other person, company or organisation is necessary to enter into this agreement.

By accepting the quote provided, I agree to the above terms and conditions in their entirety.