At Evolve Film Productions we offer a range of video production services to help tell your story, no matter your production size or budget!

Our services range from Video Testimonials, and Online Video campaigns for your website, all the way through to commercial campaigns, documentaries and Short Film Commercials if you are really wanting to stand out.

Our business motto, “Because everyone has a story to tell” expresses our belief that everyone has a unique story to tell and it is our goal to seek out this key ingredient and embed it into every one of our productions, making each piece poignant and unique.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about our available production packages and to view some examples.

Vlog and Online Video Editing

Make your content shine with professional editing services. Click here for more details.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Turn your customers into your most loyal brand advocates. Click here for more details.

Batch Video Production

Months of content with just one day of filming. Click here for more details.


Event Videography

Give your audience a taste of how your brand educates and transforms lives. Click here for more details.