Adobe offering 20% off Creative Cloud!

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It’s that time of year again (Black Friday) and this year Adobe is offering a doozy!

20% off the entire Creative Cloud Package, bringing the total cost down from $57.99 per month to $45.99 per month for your whole first year!

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to be a student right now, you can grab it for only $13.99!!

Get in quick though, this sale is only on between 15 – 25th of November.

Check out the link via our resources page below:

Easy Graphic Design with Canva!

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Easy Graphic Design with Canva!

We were both fortunate enough to have the chance to attend a fantastic workshop by Mega Media Mentors this morning on how to systemise your social media. It was an amazing morning and I highly recommend you check out their future workshops here. One of the brilliant tools that they recommended is Canva, a terrific (and free) graphic design service optimised for social! It’s seriously awesome! If you would like to learn how it can help you in your business, click here.

Now, when learning how to use any new tool, there is always a learning curve involved at the beginning and Canva is no different. We are just beginning to learn the basics of how to navigate and use it in our business and are very excited about the possibilities and what it can do for us. But we wanted to get right into it as quickly as possible, so we jumped over to Creative Live and came across this awesome training course by Matt Stevenson on how to use Canva for your business!

We are big advocates of continual self-education and can’t wait to get stuck into it. And at only $29, it’s an absolute bargain!

Click the link below to check it out for yourself and leave us a comment below with your experiences with Canva and Creative Live, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

~ David & Lauren






*Evolve Film Productions are both Creative Live customers as well as affiliate partners. We love what they do so we recommend them! The small commission we receive helps us to put together awesome workshops and educational material.

Video Marketing Made Simple

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Video Marketing Made Simple

Getting started with your online marketing always seems like an exhausting task, where do I start? What are the best options?

Video marketing is one aspect of your online marketing that you can keep simple and yet it can still be really effective. There are three types of videos that are the foundation of a good video marketing campaign. Testimonial Videos, Home Page Videos and Video blogs.

Video Testimonials

We all know that written testimonials are an absolute essential on your website. What most businesses don’t know is how much more effective a Video Testimonial can be and how simple and cost effective they are to produce. A video testimonial adds credibility to the website and gives a personal, one-on-one experience.

They provide your customers with the opportunity to present their opinions, adding a powerful layer of transparency to your brand. Potential customers can watch real people providing genuine feedback instead of simply reading a quote from your webpage. When you see just how easy and effective they can be, it really becomes a no-brainer to have a few testimonials on your site.


Warehouse Workshop -Acting College

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We have had a wonderful time the last week shooting a short film with the students from the Warehouse Workshop Acting college in Helensvale. The students don’t just learn acting techniques they learn all aspects of production from lighting, sound, camera operating, ADR, and even editing. They wrote, acted in, and crewed the entire film, with a little help from us. Now they are starting on the editing!

We are now going on to two weeks of shooting with the students to shoot all their showreel scenes, and there are 15 students all shooting 3 scenes each! So we are BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Here is the Promo video we made for the school, and keep an eye out as we will be posting some of the finished show reel scenes and even the shoot film in the coming weeks.

Anti-Bullying Video – Fund Raising

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Anti-Bullying Video – Fund Raising

Hi Everyone,

Over the last few weeks we have been extremely busy working on a crowd-funding campaign with our close friend Shirley Pearce, for the production of an Anti-bullying video called “Free You Be You”. This will be an Anti-Bullying dance video that empowers the victims of bullying and shows them that they are not alone.

A few weekends ago we shot our promo video to put on Pozible, our fundraising site, which spreads awareness and the message that help is out there, we just need your donations to make this possible.


Shirley lived in LA and worked as a writer for Disney for many years, she is now living in Australia, teaching screen writing courses and developing her own film projects. Shirley’s daughter has been severely attacked by bullies over  the last few months and the worst of it being Cyber bullying. Shirley developed this  video as a way to show her daughter that she is not alone, that she is loved and that all she needs to do is be herself.

David on set, Pozible Promo Shoot

Shirley on set, Pozible Promo Video









We really believe in this cause and having both been affected ourselves by bullying during our school years this is something close to our hearts.

Please click on the link below and watch the video, and if you can spare just $5 then we can make this dream a reallity. If we can help just one child to believe in themselves and to know that they are loved, then everything we are doing is worthwhile.

Freedom Healthcare Centre

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Hey Guys,

Check out this video Production for the Freedom Healthcare Centre on the Gold Coast. Stephen Tracey is a local Osteopath here on the coast and we have shot a promo to give people a little more knowledge into what an Osteopath really does.

If you are in pain or just need a checkup Stephen will take great care of you. Not only that, most of you should be able to get at least 5 treatments covered my the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Scheme. To find out more about Osteopathy  and the Medicare Scheme check out our video below!


Freedom Healthcare Centre from Evolve Film Productions on Vimeo.

First Aid Videos Online!

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We have just finished our First Aid course videos for First Aid Accident and Emergency and they are now up on his youtube site and website! We are really proud of these 5 videos and looking forward to working with Scott and Mel again in the Future.

These videos cover each course that First Aid AE teaches and are located on the course page on the website:

We had so much fun shooting these videos especially the CPR video because we got to do some underwater shooting! We used our GoPro hero 3 at 120fps and our Canon 7D in an underwater housing to create the cool slow-motion look you see in the video.

You can check all of the videos out on Scott’s YouTube site at:

Back in business! A snapshot of the year ahead.

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Back in business! A snapshot of the year ahead.

Hello everyone!

The New Year has had a bit of a rough start here on the coast. All our sympathies go out to all the families and businesses going through these scary times during the floods that have occurred over the last few days. We are extremely fortunate not to have been directly affected, except for a few minutes without power. So it’s back to business as usual!


First Aid Shoot

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First Aid Shoot

We have a jam packed shoot planned for tomorrow and are really hoping the weather holds out!

We are shooting a promo video for Scott Whimpey of First Aid Accident and Emergency. Along with 4 individual videos one for each of his first aid courses to put on each page of his website. It’s going to be a fanstactic day with lots of cool first aid props and reenactments! We will even be shooting some underwater shots.

Keep an eye out for the videos in the coming weeks, they will be posted on Scott’s site and we will upload them to our recent work page as well. We will hopefully grab a few pictures of the shoot and upload them too.

Thanks for reading.

~ Lauren



Impact Events

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Impact Events


Check out an event coverage promo video we made for Impact Events earlier this year.
We spent a whole night filming a brazilian party, inside the night club “Blush” in surfers paradise.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you are out in Surfers Paradise, the party’s start from 10pm every friday night.