Video Marketing Made Simple

Video Marketing Made Simple

Getting started with your online marketing always seems like an exhausting task, where do I start? What are the best options?

Video marketing is one aspect of your online marketing that you can keep simple and yet it can still be really effective. There are three types of videos that are the foundation of a good video marketing campaign. Testimonial Videos, Home Page Videos and Video blogs.

Video Testimonials

We all know that written testimonials are an absolute essential on your website. What most businesses don’t know is how much more effective a Video Testimonial can be and how simple and cost effective they are to produce. A video testimonial adds credibility to the website and gives a personal, one-on-one experience.

They provide your customers with the opportunity to present their opinions, adding a powerful layer of transparency to your brand. Potential customers can watch real people providing genuine feedback instead of simply reading a quote from your webpage. When you see just how easy and effective they can be, it really becomes a no-brainer to have a few testimonials on your site.

Home Page Video

Do you even wonder why customers aren’t staying on your home page for very long? Don’t you wish they would just “stick” around a little longer? A Home Page Video is the perfect solution. Videos make your homepage “sticky”, keeping customers engaged for longer and peaking their interest long enough for them to click through the rest of your site.

With a friendly face fronting your website, potential customers automatically connect and relate with your brand.

Video Blogs

Without a doubt Video Blogs can be one of the most effective elements to your video marketing campaign. Having constant contact and keeping your customers up to date is what will consistently keep your brand top of mind. You can use Video Blogs to offer expert information, promote new products or explain a process that relates to your brand. Demonstrating your expertise and establishing an authentic voice can go a long way when it comes to building your credibility.


Video marketing as all about getting a regular flow of content and using your videos in a variety of different ways. The best thing about online video is that it is there for life. Video now makes up 50% of all web traffic, so it has never been a better time to jump on the band wagon and give your business a headstart!

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