a little bit of fun

What do we do in our spare time? (hmm yeah…like we have any spare time!) but what do we do for fun?

At Evolve our team are continually challenging themselves and we are always working on a multitude of creative projects on the side. (We must surely be crazy!) Check out the links and posts below to keep up to date with some of our on-going creative projects.


48 Hour Film Festival 2015

This year the Evolve Team joined up with the guys from Iron Forge pictures to have an awesomely fun, time consuming, crazy 48 hours of extreme film making. For this years Brisbane 48 hour Film Challenge. If you haven’t heard of this challenge before check out the link below. We will definitely be posting the finished film up here very soon, so keep an eye out!



Free You Be You

In 2013 Evolve Partnered with Higher Ground Media to put together an anti-bullying campaign called Free You be You. Through crowd funding we raised over $10,000  for the project. Since 2013 the Free You Be You Brand has expanded and a series of animated interstitial are on the back burner. The animations aim to entertaina nd educate children between the ages of …. and …. To show the accents of bullying and to raise awareness.

Watch this space for the release of the first animated interstitial!

“Free You, Be You” – Anti-Bullying Music Video from Evolve Film Productions on Vimeo.


Our Sea Adventure

For the last 3 years the Evolve team have been steadily working on a very inspirational feature documentary. The documentary is about an amazing family who take the leap and follow they dreams.

“The Plan” – An Excerpt of a Feature Documentary by Lauren-ann Smith from Evolve Film Productions on Vimeo.