Anti-Bullying Video – Fund Raising

Anti-Bullying Video – Fund Raising

Hi Everyone,

Over the last few weeks we have been extremely busy working on a crowd-funding campaign with our close friend Shirley Pearce, for the production of an Anti-bullying video called “Free You Be You”. This will be an Anti-Bullying dance video that empowers the victims of bullying and shows them that they are not alone.

A few weekends ago we shot our promo video to put on Pozible, our fundraising site, which spreads awareness and the message that help is out there, we just need your donations to make this possible.


Shirley lived in LA and worked as a writer for Disney for many years, she is now living in Australia, teaching screen writing courses and developing her own film projects. Shirley’s daughter has been severely attacked by bullies over  the last few months and the worst of it being Cyber bullying. Shirley developed this  video as a way to show her daughter that she is not alone, that she is loved and that all she needs to do is be herself.

David on set, Pozible Promo Shoot

Shirley on set, Pozible Promo Video









We really believe in this cause and having both been affected ourselves by bullying during our school years this is something close to our hearts.

Please click on the link below and watch the video, and if you can spare just $5 then we can make this dream a reallity. If we can help just one child to believe in themselves and to know that they are loved, then everything we are doing is worthwhile.