Back in business! A snapshot of the year ahead.

Back in business! A snapshot of the year ahead.

Hello everyone!

The New Year has had a bit of a rough start here on the coast. All our sympathies go out to all the families and businesses going through these scary times during the floods that have occurred over the last few days. We are extremely fortunate not to have been directly affected, except for a few minutes without power. So it’s back to business as usual!

Times like these can really make you think about what’s important, so we have decided to share just a few of our new years resolutions with you all and what Evolve Film Productions hopes to achieve in 2013.

Our first goal for the year is to introduce a brand-spanking new animation service, which we are very, very excited about! Animation can be a great medium to tell a story in a charming and unique way, without the physical constraints of real life shooting. We’re have had this one on the back burner for a while now, so watch this space for more updates on this exciting new service!

In 2013 we will be putting the finishing touches on our first Feature Documentary and have the premiere screening later in the year. To get inspired and learn more about the documentary check out the introductory promo below and leave a comment to let us know what you think! Our goal is to show people that it really is possible to follow your dreams and to inspire them to take that leap.

And if that wasn’t enough, (who needs sleep??) we are also working on the screenplay for our first full-length feature film (very hush hush…so don’t tell anybody!). It’s in the draft stage at the moment and we hope to have it finalised and in preproduction by the end of the year.

To keep to our name, Evolve Film Productions is always improving, updating and Evolving our services and equipment to provide our clients with the best video productions available. Because everyone has a story that’s worth telling.

Lots and lots to do this year and we are so excited (and privileged) to be able to do what we love doing, everyday! Happy (belated) New Year everyone and we wish you the best of luck for a wonderful 2013.

~ Lauren and David